(Link) Preview: Three Generations of Punishment

Anderson Cooper interviews Shin and reports the story of his escape on Sunday, Dec. 2 at 7:30 on CBS News. 



Inside NK

Check out this episode of “Inside NK,” where Shin and Sung Up Park talk about the true image of North Korea, and real stories that you would never see or hear about about in mainstream media.


Book Mailing to Members of Parliament

On Monday the 19th, our class gathered outside of the library on our campus. We each picked a member of parliament to mail our personal copies of “Escape from Camp 14” to. We included a letter saying what our purpose is and why we feel it deserves more attention, and wrote a personal message inside our books. We are urging them to bring a motion for debate to the House of Commons so that Canadians can better understand the grim reality of labor camp prisoners. 

See pictures from our mailing below!